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The Kaleidoscope Scheme Directory (KSD) is a free service provided by Akamai Design. Because of the overwhelming popularity of Kaleidoscope, and the growing number of Kaleidoscope Color Scheme designers, KSD was created in the hopes that there be a single place on the internet that those looking for color schemes can find them. The data contained within KSD is entered into the database by the designers themselves. The data has not been edited nor has it been checked for accuracy. The inclusion of a color scheme in the KSD database does not constitute an endorsement of that scheme by KSD nor does it imply that KSD or its sponsors in anyway warrants the quality or completeness of that scheme.

KSD takes advantage of certain technologies that require you to use browsers that support the scripts we use to produce the KSD interface. We use javascript for some of the navigation buttons so if you are not using Netscape 2 or Explorer 3 (or newer versions) some of them may not work. We are considering using cookies that will store your login and password in your browser so you do not have to log on every time you need to add or modify a scheme. There are advantages and disadvantages to this approach so we'll see how the current setup works for everyone. For now, please choose a username and password that you can remember so when you do need to modify one of your listed schemes you will be able to. In order to edit or delete a scheme listing you must logon with the same login and password that you used when you originally submitted the scheme to the KSD.

For further information about KSD, to report a problem you have encountered while using the system, or to find out about the other services offered by Akamai Design please email us at:


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