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Thank you for your interest in Designer's Studio 1.6. To download the complete DS package, or any part thereof, please select from the choices below.

[DS Folder Icon] The Complete Designer's Studio 1.6 Package
Both versions include Designer's Studio, the Scheme Switching CSM, and our Classic Pack of Color Schemes.
Download the 68K Version (3,487K) or Download the PPC Version (3,593K)

[DS Folder Icon] Designer's Studio 1.6: App Only
Both versions include Designer's Studio, ReadMe, and manual.
Download the 68K Version (1,558K) or Download the PPC Version (1,739K)

[DS Folder Icon] The Scheme Switching Control Strip Module 2.0.1
For those who use the Control Strip and Kaleidoscope our Scheme Switching Module 2.0.1 is a must have. This module will work with Kaleidoscope 1.7.3 and later.
Download SSCSM (34K)

[DS Folder Icon] Classic Pack of Color Schemes 1.5
The Designer's Studio beta test group is made up of some of the world's finest color scheme designers. Several of them have contributed some of their finest work to this world class collection of color schemes.
Download Classic Pack (1,820K)

Register (Secure SSL processing) your copy of DS 1.6 online. If your browser does not support secure SSL processing, register here.

As soon as you have downloaded a copy of Designer's Studio and have created your first color scheme we encourage you to share it with the world. As proud sponsors of the Kaleidoscope Scheme Directory (KSD) we encourage you to list your scheme in the KSD so that the thousands of color scheme users are able to find and appreciate your art. We also recommend that you add a copy of your color scheme to the Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive (KSA).

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