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Created by Akamai Design, Designer's Studio is the world's first WYSIWYG resource editor. Now with the expanded feature set in Designer's Studio 1.6 you can change every visual aspect of your operating system. From your startup screen to your trash can and everything in between... desktop pictures.. folders.. windows and widgets... every element of your computers interface... is now able to be edited from within one easy to use application.

Among the many exciting new features in Designer's Studio 1.6 is our Icon Editor. Now with the click of a button you can create complete "Icon Sets" from your system or any active color scheme, edit the set you have created with all the powerful tools built in to DS, and save your icons as either a resource file for future editing, mounted on folders for previewing, or as a stand alone Icon Set Installer that will install your Icon Set anywhere!

Also included with Designer's Studio is the first ever Kaleidoscope Color Scheme Switching Control Strip Module (SSCSM) and a "Classic Pack" of color schemes created by the DS development and beta testing teams.

Users of our Kaleidoscope Scheme Switching Control Strip Module take note. Scheme Switcher has been upgraded to version 2.0.1. Go here if you would like to read the Press Release.

We invite you to follow the links below to learn everything you need to know to create the interface of your dreams.
The Interface: Go here for a screen shot and description of the DS 1.6 interface.

Kaleidoscope Scheme Switching Control Strip Module (SSCSM): Go here to see a screenshot of the SSCSM, a very handy freeware addition to the Designer's Studio package. The SSCSM was developed by Akamai Design and Greg Landweber

Download: Go here to download the latest version of Designer's Studio, the Scheme Switching Module and the Classic Pack of color schemes.

Known Problems: Go here to read about the known problems with the latest version of Designer's Studio, the Scheme Switching Module.

About Us: Go here to find information about the DS development team and Akamai Design.
Everyone who has seen Designer's Studio is extremely excited about this new tool which allows ANYONE to create and customize the look of their desktop.

"Designer's Studio is the ONLY necessary utility for Kaleidoscope scheme developers. Its comprehensive and intuitive design make scheme creation and editing what they were intended to be from the outset: fun and easy. The care that Dorian and Tom have taken to insure that color scheme authors receive a good end product is reflected in their attention to detail and concentration on helpful, time-saving features. D'Studio is a brilliant, commercial-quality addition to the Macintosh shareware arena and is destined to become a classic GUI design environment.

"This is nothing short of programming brilliance..."
Eric Reid
Kaleidoscope Evangelist (KSA)

"I owe you my first born and twenty bucks!"
Layne Karkruff
Blue Sky Heart Graphics

"Damn fine piece of work. Clean, clear interface; so easy to use even my 5 year old son could do it. (look out for some rocket 'n' dinosaur schemes from him soon)."
Ric Zito
Color Scheme Designer

Designer's Studio is being distributed as shareware. A single User License is $20.00 US. Please feel free to download a fully functional copy of Designer's Studio for your evaluation. You will find some save functions disabled. To enable these functions you must register and pay the licensing fee. Registration is handled by Kagi. All the information you need to complete your registration is included in each download.

Register (Secure SSL processing) your copy of DS 1.6 online. If your browser does not support secure SSL processing, register here.

For more information regarding DS or Akamai Design we encourage you follow the links on the About Us page or email us directly.
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